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The Football Foundation is a charity that funds
the improvement of this country’s community sports
infrastructure.This vital investment is made possible
by the generosity of our funding partners, the
Premier League,The FA and the Government
(via Spor t England).
We also deliver award-winning community spor t
programmes funded by Barclays and the Mayor
of London.
Foundation grants are awarded to a range of
organisations, including grassroots football clubs,
local authorities and sports associations, to develop
ar tificial or real grass playing surfaces, changing rooms
and other facilities.
These upgraded community sites sustain and increase
par ticipation by enabling more people to play spor t.
They also improve the quality of sporting experience
that local people enjoy, making it more likely they will
continue to stay active.This has a positive impact on
the health of the nation and increases participation in
our national game.
Our main purpose is to increase participation in
football and other sports, but Foundation projects
also benefit the country by helping suppor t the
economy.The building of new pavilions, spor ts pitches
or other facilities provides crucial work for thousands
of contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers across
the country during this difficult financial period.
So, the Foundation’s unique par tnership between
football and Government is working for the good of
grassroots sport, public health and our economy.
The Foundation’s Board has Trustees
appointed by our funding par tners: the
Premier League,The FA, Government
and Spor t England, along with an
independent Chairman.
Board of Trustees:
Gary Hoffman (Chairman)
Roger Burden (The FA)
The Rt Hon Richard Caborn (Government)
Jonathan Hall (The FA)
Peter McCormick OBE (Premier League)
Richard Scudamore (Premier League)
Phil Smith (Spor t England)
The Rt Hon Lord Pendry PC
The Football
Board ofTrustees