Page 20 - Football Foundation Annual Review 2012

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Barclays Spaces for Spor ts is a community-based
spor ts programme, which uses spor t as a platform
to help young people develop life skills and revitalise
disadvantaged communities in a sustainable way.
In the UK, 200 sites have been developed since
2004 in par tnership with the Football Foundation. A
fur ther thir teen spor t-for-development programmes
have been launched globally.
“Central to our approach to Citizenship is
the way we, as Barclays, contribute to the
communities where we live and work.
“Our community investment
programmes, such as Barclays Spaces
for Sports, help young people improve
their chances in life. As well as being
great sports facilities, they provide a
platform to develop life skills and build
foundations for future employment.
“Barclays is committed to working
in partnership with the Football
Foundation to ensure the long-term
sustainability of the sites.”
Antony Jenkins, Chief Executive, Barclays