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Building sustainable sports sites
In 2011, Gurnos in SouthWales received additional
investment from Barclays Spaces for Spor ts. £23,500
enabled them to resurface a dilapidated hard court
multi-use games area with a new third generation
ar tificial grass pitch. Barclays Spaces for Spor ts
originally invested £22,000 to resurface and install
floodlights at the only multi-use games area in the
town but due to popularity and high usage this lead
to serious wear and tear.
Previously only used a few hours each week, the
resurfaced Barclays Spaces for Spor ts site is now
fully booked on week nights and used by over 500
players. 15 football clubs now regularly hire the
popular facility.
Encouragingwider developments
Practical, hands-on help to ensure site sustainability
is delivered by the Barclays and Football Foundation
Activity and Sustainability Advisors (ASAs). By drawing
on their expertise, experience and local connections,
including the Barclays network, they are able to assist
in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the sites.
In the last year, the ASAs have facilitated new
investment in 19 sites across the UK, including the
Por tsmouth FC Flagship Site, Bransbury Park.
The Barclays Spaces for Spor ts site at Bransbury
Park was developed in 2007, following investment
from Barclays and the Foundation wor th £600,000.
The site boasts tennis cour ts, grass football pitches,
basketball cour ts, a multi-use games area and a large
skateboarding ramp.
With ASA suppor t, the site secured sustainability
funding from Barclays and has introduced new netball
sessions, street20 cricket and LTA led tennis coaching,
as well as a girls-only disability football project.
A new programme targeting young women that
do not go to school regularly, or have behavioural
issues, to make the right choices in life, has also
star ted. Run by Por tsmouth FC’s charitable
foundation at Bransbury Park, this programme
helps par ticipants increase their confidence and
raise their aspirations by completing Sports Leaders
qualifications and gaining employment experience
by volunteering on-site.
As a result in 2011/12, 57 young women completed
Level 1 and 2 Sports Leaders qualifications.
Each week:
attendances at
200 UK sites
people playing
sport at the 26 flagship sites
deliver or suppor t activities
at sites
In 2011/12:
An additional
invested in site sustainability
programmes, leading to:
increase in
par ticipation;
uplift in revenues
Barclays Spaces for Sports
“I’ve increased in confidence and got a
better understanding about volunteering
and working in the community.”
Amy, Sports Leader Level 1 course graduate
Participants from another Barclays Spaces for Sports site
The Football Foundation Annual Review 2012