Page 24 - Football Foundation Annual Review 2012

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A core objective of the Foundation
is to increase participation in sport,
predominantly football.As you will know
by now after reading this Review, we
do this primarily by developing better
facilities with enhanced capacity.
It occurred to us that if existing sites were
not operating at full capacity, one cost
effective method to increase participation
would be to provide expertise that would
ensure that we ‘sweated the assets’.
Combined with the necessity of ensuring
that facilities were sustainable – in terms
of being financially viable and generating
enough revenue to maintain their upkeep
into the future – it became clear that
a unique solution had presented itself.
From there, we developed the concept of
Activity and Sustainability Advisors (ASAs).
ASAs now provide this dual role of
maximising Foundation-funded facilities’
usage throughout the week and ensuring
their maintenance and finances are
kept on track.As these examples
demonstrate,ASAs have proven to be
both a hugely successful development, and
a characteristically pioneering Football
Foundation-developed solution.