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In 2005, Heysham High School Sports College
in Lancashire received £467,902 for a new
third generation artificial grass pitch and
changing rooms
In 2006, Northgate High School in Norfolk
received £398,495 for athird generation artificial
grass pitch
In 2005, Heysham High School Sports College
in Lancashire received £467,902 for a new third
generation artificial grass pitch and changing rooms.
Whilst the new facilities proved to be hugely popular,
the overall usage figures were lower than originally
predicted on the original application.The Football
Development Plan (FDP) had also become out-
of-date and the sinking fund was off course. Our
Monitoring and Evaluation therefore highlighted the
Heysham site as under-performing financially and
on participation, and thus in need of assistance from
our ASAs.
An ASA set about identifying available time slots
and working with the site manager to target new
bookings from individuals, groups and the community
in general.The ASA then advised on marketing and
promotion methods, and also helped the site to
write a new FDP to bolster usage.The site manager
has also invested in new banners advertising the site,
adverts in a national magazine and worked with local
media to gain publicity in the local press.
The Heysham site has now engaged a range of new
community users from seven year-olds to adults, with
new football teams and new partnerships established.
This includes a local soccer skills business that not only
now runs weekend and holiday sessions on site, but also
rents office space at the school to use as the company
base, generating an additional income for the school.
Morecambe Football Club and the local police
continue to be engaged at the site and run ‘Kickz’-
style social inclusion sessions on Friday evenings for
young people.
Following our ASA’s expert assistance, there has
been an 11% increase in the number of participants
now totalling 3,050, and a 39% increase in the
income generated on the artificial grass pitch.
Through casual bookings alone, the school takes
between £100 and £120 on average per week.
Holiday camps now run during half term, Easter
and summer holidays, involving 665 participants
each year.
Overall, there has been a 39% increase in income
generated by the artificial grass pitch from £539 a
week to £753.This will assist the school in raising the
necessary funds towards replacing the artificial grass
pitch when required.
The project dramatically improved the school’s facilities
and increased participation in terms of both curriculum
and community use.The project also received revenue
funding for a part-time Football Development Officer
(FDO), who oversaw the implementation of the
Football Development Plan (FDP).
However, following the departure of the FDO, the
Foundation’s Monitoring and Evaluation system
identified Nor thgate as being in need of ASA
intervention: the FDP was not being implemented
and a steering group meeting had not taken place
for a long period. Participation numbers were lower
than had been predicted and there was also some
spare capacity at the site.
Thanks to ASA guidance, Northgate successfully
applied for funding to Sport England, resulting in a
grant to purchase a dividing net across the pitch and
some new goal posts.The dividing net means that
the pitch can now be split, so it can be hired out
more effectively with two different users at any time.
A new FDP, in line withThe FA’s National Game
Strategy, has been written, a steering group has been
re-established and a new pricing structure agreed.
Through improved partnership work, and the use of
the Foundation’s Marketing and PRToolkit, additional
bookings have been generated. As a result, bookings
for this season are at 100% capacity during the
week.This includes Charter Standard club bookings,
‘pay-and-play’ sessions, a County FA small-sided adult
league and a Player Development Centre.
At the weekends, the FDO has been working
with Norwich Community Sports Foundation and
the County FA to see the introduction of a new
Disability League. Furthermore, as part of the new
FAYouth Development Review the facility will be
hosting 9v9 matches on the third generation artificial
grass pitch and grass pitches, with up to six fixtures
per weekend next season.
The Football Foundation Annual Review 2012