Page 26 - Football Foundation Annual Review 2012

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The Foundation is not your normal charity. In the last
12 years we have developed highly sophisticated and
unique financial and business processes that would
grace any private company, let alone charity.
Our bespoke performance management systems
have been created entirely in-house through years
of honing our organisational skills of directing
investment into developing sports facilities and
increasing participation.
Another important factor that distinguishes the
Foundation from the average grant-giving body is
this: we do not simply walk away once the facility
has been built and the ribbon cut. Our monitoring
and evaluation system measures the impact that
the site is having across a range of areas, such as
sport participation and skills-development.Where
we detect that a facility we have funded can be
performing to an even higher standard, our Activity
and Sustainability Advisors step in and help the
grantee make that happen.
These innovations have helped us to become
recognised as one of the world’s leading sports
charities and are the reason that we regularly
receive requests from governments and sports
associations around the world to share our blueprint
with them – and indeed, why we are often the
deliverer of choice for companies’ Corporate Social
Responsibility programmes.
Consistently reducing administration costs
We continue to
be a lean, efficient
18% decrease
in administration costs, in real
terms, over the last two years.
decrease of 21%
by the end of 2012/13.