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Chairman’s introduction
Looking back at my first year as Chairman, I can
honestly say that this role is one of the most
satisfying that I have ever had. During my travels
representing the Foundation I have been bowled
over by the passion and effor t of the thousands
of volunteers that devote their time to supporting
their local sports teams. It is truly astounding.
The role of the Foundation is to support this effort
by providing expertise and finance for new facilities
or to provide clubs with development grants. A key
part of this is to ensure that whatever funding is
made available, is distributed to where it will have the
greatest impact, in terms of football development and
community enhancement.To do this, the Foundation
has developed sophisticated business systems to
measure and illustrate the impact it is having in
terms of increasing participation levels across the
country.The aim is to be as effective and efficient as
possible in everything we do and I have been mightily
impressed at how we do this.
In this Review you will see just a few examples of
some of the many thousands of projects funded
by the Foundation and how these are supporting
local communities, in terms of spor ts infrastructure
provision. However, it is important to recognise the
wider impact that Foundation funding is having.
Foundation sites are increasing participation amongst
local communities which enriches football and
other spor ts, as well as improving the health of
the nation and helping to reduce the burden on
the National Health Service. Something that often
gets overlooked, because our focus is on increasing
participation in sport, is the positive economic impact
that Foundation projects have.When a Foundation
grant provides a city, town or village with a new or
refurbished sports facility, it also provides work for a
range of small businesses, from roofers and architects
to electricians and plumbers who may be struggling
in the current economic climate.
None of this would be possible of course, if the
Premier League,The FA, the Government, and Spor t
England had not had the foresight to create the
Foundation in 2000 and to fund it over the past
12 years.Therefore, I would wish to place on
record our thanks and appreciation for their
continued suppor t.
I hope that you enjoy reading this Review.We look
forward to another busy and successful year in 2013.
Gary Hoffman