Page 7 - Football Foundation Annual Review 2012

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Department for Culture,
Media and Sport
“The money that the DCMS invests into
the Foundation, through Sport England,
is helping us to create a lasting Olympic
and Paralympic legacy of sport facilities
in communities across the country.
“Foundation facilities are helping
to generate a significant increase in
community sports participation. This not only supports the
development of a wide range of sports, but also helps to improve
public health through encouraging an active population.
“A further, often-overlooked, by-product of building these
stunning new facilities is the contribution this work makes
to the local and national economy, providing vital jobs and
employment for local contractors and suppliers in these
challenging economic times.”
The Rt Hon Hugh Rober tson MP, Minister for Spor t and the Olympics
Sport England
“Our long-standing relationship
with the Football Foundation
is a very effective partnership.
Together with the other football partners, we’re striving
to increase participation in football and improve grassroots
facilities throughout the country. We will continue to work
together to make sport a habit for life for as many people
as possible.”
Jennie Price, Chief Executive, Spor t England
The Football Foundation Annual Review 2012