08 FOCUS ON THE DELIVERY FOCUS ON THE DELIVERY: PREMIER LEAGUE & THE FA FACILITIES FUND 2013-2016 Between 1 June 2013 until 31 May 2016, the Football Foundation was charged with delivering the Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund (PL/FA:FF). This saw us develop a new generation of grassroots sites in the communities that were most in need of improved facility provision and that had the highest demand for access to sport. There was a greater emphasis placed on developing third generation (3G) artificial grass pitches than in the Foundation’s previous funding cycles. Approximately half of the three- year budget was directed into creating new 3Gs. It was also the first time that the Foundation was formerly tasked with encouraging links between the grassroots facilities it developed and local professional football clubs – as outlined on page seven. Our through-life approach to funding means that we ensure each facility continues to deliver the high levels of usage in terms of participation, and outcomes in terms of coaching and club development. These are set out in plans agreed with the applicant when we award the grant. We also develop bespoke business plans in partnership with each project to minimise the risk of sites that we fund requiring financial subsidies. Across these two pages we highlight the scale and the impact of our delivery of the PL/FA:FF. Again, none of this would have been achieved without the financial contributions provided by our Funding Partners – the Premier League, The FA and the Government, via Sport England. 705 GRANTS WORTH £87 MILLION USING IT TO LEVERAGE AN ADDITIONAL £167M OF PARTNERSHIP FUNDING