12 FOCUS ON THE OUTCOMES FOCUS ON THE OUTCOMES: THE WIDER IMPACT OF OUR PROJECTS The Foundation’s core mission is to give more people the opportunity to play sport purely for the love of it. We do this by increasing the capacity and improving the quality of local sport facilities. Over many years we have evidenced the substantial increases in participation that our targeting of our Funders’ investment has achieved in football and other sports. New players are drawn to regular sport at our sites, whilst existing players are retained rather than lost, as they are no longer happy to put up with the decaying state of a changing room or playing surface. However the wider impact to society of our investment goes way beyond sport. By enjoying regular exercise at our facilities, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages are improving their physical and mental health. The accumulative effect of this taking place across our 2,500 facilities is easing the burden on the NHS and making those participants more likely to stay part of a fit, healthy national workforce. Similarly, participants at our sites develop crucial life skills, such as communication, and the value of preparation. Many experience bespoke sessions delivered by professional clubs’ foundations or local authorities that provide CV writing workshops and other vocational support including hands-on work experience. This is an area that we at the Foundation understand only too well, having pioneered the sport for social good agenda by funding leading edge projects under our old Community Schemes which ran from 2000 to 2010. Since then, we have used our expertise in this field to work with local delivery organisations – especially professional football clubs – to harness the power of sport at our facilities. Across the following five case studies, we feature stories that illustrate how projects we supported have helped improve communities and the lives of local people. They focus on: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, and social & community development. The final case study outlines how our investment into the local sport infrastructure across the country is also supporting the local and national economies through creating jobs across a variety of sectors. "THE WIDER IMPACT TO SOCIETY OF OUR INVESTMENT GOES WAY BEYOND SPORT."