18 FOCUS ON THE OUTCOMES FOCUS ON THE OUTCOMES: INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT A 3G pitch can give life-changing opportunities. It is somewhere a young person can receive mentoring, gain work experience and study for qualifications.With thousands of these facilities across the country, the Foundation has already created crucial environments at which tens of thousands of youngsters have developed a purpose and direction in life. “I think Adam would be the first to admit that he wasn’t the best footballer when he was a pupil here,” says Penryn College’s PE teacher, Mr Ash. He is talking fondly of Adam Newcombe, a former pupil, who, despite not being blessed with natural footballing ability, made up for it in sheer determination. “Adam was shy and retiring but he never gave up. He was always prepared to try – and that isn’t something dictated by your ability.” Adam left the Cornish college, beneficiaries of a £343,277 grant in 2007 for a new 3G AGP, at 16 not knowing exactly what he wanted to do but felt that a sports coaching course might hold the answer. The quiet youngster grew in confidence amidst his studies, staying in touch with Mr Ash and coming back to help him with coaching sessions. When Adam needed help to fund his FA Level 1 coaching qualification his old college obliged, which gave Adam the platform to complete his FA Level 2 certificate independently. “I suppose you could say that I had come of age and the Penryn 3G was where it all started for me,” reflects Adam. The 3G at Penryn was never far from Adam’s thoughts, which is why he called Mr Ash after he graduated from college as a qualified sports coach. Only too delighted to have someone of Adam’s willingness to learn, Mr Ash found room for him to help coach a Mini Soccer team. Adam recalls: “I took the opportunity without hesitation, which is when I realised how far I had come – that was in large part thanks to the 3G pitch.” Once unsure of his standing, Adam has gone on to become Head Coach for Penryn College’s Mini Soccer team, where his work impressed a neighbouring primary school so much that they have made him a full-time Teaching Assistant. FORMERLY “SHY AND RETIRING” STUDENT SECURES JOB THANKS TO 3G PITCH CASE STUDY CASE STUDY CASE STUDY CASE STUDY CASE STUDY