23 FOCUS ON THE OUTCOMES: ECONOMIC BENEFITS Sports facilities developed by the Foundation stimulate local economies through the creation of jobs.The Foundation has hundreds of projects under construction right across the country at any one point. From new 3G pitches to changing room pavilions, the construction cycle employs hundreds of local people.Whilst many more jobs and volunteers are created long-term, once the facility has opened its doors to the public. When Premier League goalkeeper Brad Guzan arrived at Rugby Town JFC’s Kilsby Lane home to open their new changing pavilion and function room, made possible thanks to a £100,000 grant from the Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund, it marked the end of much hard work. The American shot-stopper hailed the upgraded facility, which also now boasts improved grass pitches, floodlighting and car parking, as “stunning.” What is as impressive is the positive impact the construction had on the surrounding economy. Thanks to the £100,000 investment, the local employment market was buoyed by 20 new construction jobs and two apprenticeships. In total, six firms were involved directly with the project, including four construction workers from Rugby-based Allan Board Builders Ltd. who helped to remodel and refurbish the clubhouse. Nine specialists from S & C Slatter and Woodward Turf Care laid the new pitches and reconfigured the car park, following input from two experts at sports surface consultants, TGMS Ltd. Daventry firm George Browns Ltd. provided some of the industrial machinery, and Floodlighting Ltd. sent four of their professionals and two apprentices to install new lighting. The site is now open seven days-a-week, including for coach education programmes which spawned two teaching jobs. The subsequent day-to-day management of the improved site generated a further 15 paid jobs including bar, café, facility and ground staff. The regular efforts of another 126 volunteers cement the facility as a centre of local employment. These long-term economic benefits of Football Foundation grants are in addition to the benefits we achieve by encouraging a healthier, active population that is less of a burden on the NHS and can continue to contribute as a member of the nation’s tax- paying workforce. JOBS BOOST FOR MIDLANDS ECONOMY AFTER RUGBY TOWN FC GETS NEW CHANGING PAVILION AND FUNCTION ROOM CASE STUDY CASE STUDY CASE STUDY CASE STUDY CASE STUDY