05 • Very large unsatisfied demand to play sport • A severe lack of available local sports facilities • Skills shortages and other additional barriers • The most acute health inequalities However, this also means that the most deprived areas are the ‘sweet spot’ for achieving the greatest outcomes through targeted investment. This perfect storm also creates greater challenges when it comes to sourcing and developing the high quality applications that the Foundation requires of projects that we fund. Where it would be easy to focus on easier areas where these challenges did not exist, we specifically choose to place a strategic focus on these more demanding areas – indeed, even setting the 40% investment target and regularly measuring our performance against it. By doing so, we not only ensure that local people in those areas benefit but also ensure that we achieve the greatest outcomes for our Funding Partners’ investment – not just in terms of increasing sports participation, but also in areas like public health. Evidence demonstrates that the most deprived areas according to IMD rating also have the highest instances of inactive local populations who would play sport were they given greater access and opportunities to do so. Many of the challenges that combine to define an area as suffering from multiple deprivation also conspire to create barriers to participation in grassroots sports. This may be a lack of available partnership funding, partly resulting from a lack of jobs, disposable income or well-off local businesses. It could be a lack of volunteers to run sports teams. It may be a shortage of relevant skills that help with funding bids, such as knowledge of the planning permission process or budgeting expertise. Where this is particularly acute, the Foundation can provide some small financial assistance towards consultant costs to help ensure deprivation does not act as a barrier to application. These combined challenges often serve to create a perfect storm of problems in these poorest parts of the country: LATENT DEMAND FOR FOOTBALL (WANT TO PLAY BUT CAN'T) PEOPLE IN THE TOP 30% MOST DEPRIVED AREAS HAVE THE HIGHEST DEMAND TO PLAY MORE FOOTBALL, BUT THE FEWEST OPPORTUNITIES TO DO SO. NUMBER OF PEOPLE WANTING TO PLAY MOST DEPRIVED AREAS LEAST DEPRIVED AREAS