ABOUT THE FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND The Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) supports two key areas of our national game with investment that is provided by the Premier League. Firstly, it awards grants to football clubs at the lower levels of the game to help pay for ground improvement projects that cater for the safety and comfort of their supporters and players.These grants can go towards developing new stands, installing new floodlights, developing hospitality suites and many other types of work.This funding is predominantly directed towards helping clubs that play throughout the FA National League System, between Step One and Step Seven. Secondly, the FSIF helps strengthen the relationship between fans and their clubs through the Premier League Fans Fund.The Fund awards grants towards projects and organisations to deliver initiatives that improve fans’ engagement with their clubs; that improve the way football supporters engage with each other; and that improve fans’ experience of the game. THE FSIF BOARD The FSIF Board consists of two representatives from the Premier League and one representative fromThe FA, who then appoint a Chairman. Peter McCormick OBE (Chairman) Richard Scudamore (Premier League representative) Martin Glenn (The FA representative) THE FSIF STADIA IMPROVEMENT PANEL The FSIF Stadia Improvement Panel (SIP) has responsibility for reviewing all applications for funding once assessment has been completed by the FSIF Grant ManagementTeam.The Panel will only ratify grants once all criteria have been satisfied. It has delegated financial authority to award grants of up to £250,000. SIP CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS: David Roase (Independent Chairman) Bob Knowles (Independent) Ross Christie (Premier League representative) Mark Pover (The FA representative) Jack Pearce (The FA National League System representative) Geoff Galilee (Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) representative) THE PREMIER LEAGUE FANS FUND PANEL CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS: Arun Daniel-Selvaratnam (Independent Chairman) William Bush (Premier League representative) Tommy Guthrie (Premier League representative) Robert Sullivan (The FA representative) Carl Cheevers (Independent)