THE FSIF’S FUNDING PARTNER: THE PREMIER LEAGUE The Premier League provides £6.5m per year to the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF). £5m of this is distributed mainly to ‘non-league’ clubs who play in the National League System, all the way down to Step 7.The primary focus is to assist clubs with the financial burden of developing their grounds as they ascend the National Football Pyramid so that they can satisfy the FA National Ground Grading Criteria. These regulatory criteria are important to ensuring the safety and comfort of fans, players and match officials up and down the country. However, it is similarly important that clubs should not be prevented from achieving the promotion that they have richly deserved on the field of play because they cannot afford the cost of incrementally improving their stadia. A further £1.5m is distributed via the Premier League Fans Fund, which supports projects that improve the relationship between clubs and their fans, as well as increasing fans’ enjoyment of the game. “The investment from the Premier League, through the FSIF, into the non-league game is essential to strengthening the base of the football pyramid.The grants that these clubs receive go a long way to increasing the number of fans watching the non-league game in greater safety and comfort. “The FSIF was conceived in 2000 and during the course of the last 17 years has awarded 1,892 grants worth £128.9m towards lower- league stadia improvement projects. “The Premier League Fans Fund, which began in 2011, has so far awarded 44 grants worth £7.7m.This is investment that has strengthened the relationship between fans and their clubs.” Richard Scudamore Executive Chairman of the Premier League “THE GRANTS THAT THESE CLUBS RECEIVE GO A LONG WAY TO INCREASING THE NUMBER OF FANS WATCHING THE NON-LEAGUE GAME IN GREATER SAFETY AND COMFORT.”