“ THE FSIF PROVIDES A VITAL SERVICE IN ENSURING THAT THE FA NATIONAL LEAGUE SYSTEM REMAINS COMPETITIVE.” CHAIRMAN’S INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Football Stadia Improvement Fund’s Annual Review of the 2016/17 season. During the past 12 months, the FSIF has continued to provide essential financial support to clubs in the bottom two tiers of the English Football League, all the way down to Step 7 of the FA National League System.This has helped them to improve the safety and comfort of their stadia for fans, players and match officials. Funded by the Premier League, the FSIF provides a vital service in ensuring that the FA National League System remains competitive, from top to bottom. For promoted clubs, as the euphoria of success starts to fade, the financial realities of preparing their stadia for the next level becomes a reality.The clock starts to tick towards the relatively tight deadline successful clubs have by which they must enhance their stadia to satisfy the next level of the FA’s National Ground Grading Criteria. Some clubs simply would not be able to make the necessary improvements without support from the FSIF.The case studies presented in this Review are just snapshots of numerous examples whereby clubs have improved their infrastructure thanks to FSIF funding. You can also read about the work of the Premier League Fans Fund – which is highlighted on pages 16 and 17.This is a relatively new fund that provides football clubs with financial support towards forward-thinking initiatives designed to strengthen the bond between a club and its fans. On behalf of the hundreds of clubs that have benefited from FISIF funding over the past 17-years, I would like to thank the Premier League for its continued financial support to clubs at the lower-levels of the National Football Pyramid. Peter McCormick OBE Chairman 06 | focus chairman