Page 28 - ONSIDE Issue 34

improving facilities • creating opportunities • building communities
The Football Foundation
Whittington House, 19-30 Alfred Place,
London,WC1E 7EA
0845 345 4555
Registered Charity Number 1079309. Registered in England andWales. Company limited by guarantee. Company Number 3876305.
John Scales
Former Wimbledon,
Liverpool, Tottenham
and England defender
Tell us more about your
role as a Foundation
I have always been a vivid supporter
of the grassroots game and as a
Foundation Ambassador, I can see
first-hand the positive difference
made when such significant sporting
bodies as the Premier League,The FA
and the Government, through Sport
England, pull together for the good of
the grassroots.
Lovers of our national game, from
all across the country, benefit
significantly from the incredible work
done by the Foundation – and I am
remarkably proud to be able to be
part of this.
Why are grassroots facilities
so important?
There are many components that
define a football player, such as
natural talent, quality coaching, a
sound support network…
But, without a base to build from
these, you’ve got nothing.
That’s why grassroots facilities
are so important: they provide a
fundamental foundation for kids and
adults alike to get involved and stay
involved in football. And who knows,
from these humble foundations a
future football star might be born!
What was the highlight of
your career?
Signing for Liverpool. I had a dream
of playing for Liverpool and I thought
the opportunity had passed me
by and that was a frustration, but I
remember the day when I got off
the train at Liverpool Lime Street
Station and was met by Roy Evens
and the Liverpool management
team, then walking into Anfield, and
finally putting pen to paper. I was
so incredibly proud of achieving my
ambition. And of course playing for
England and representing my country.
I have a lot of fond memories.
What is your best or earliest
grassroots memory?
Park football on a Sunday, like millions
of people around the country! I grew
up kicking a ball around in the tennis
courts at school and I cherish every
bit of those memories.
Who is your favourite
sporting figure from history
and why?
Daley Thompson.When I was
younger I had aspirations of being a
decathlete and I loved seeing Daley.
He was my great hero and somebody
I was desperate to emulate and follow
into the Olympics.
Tell us something about
yourself that would
surprise people.
I’m known as having a successful
football career, but when I was
younger I had a chain of sports shops
and I loved developing and building
them. I handed them over to my
partner when I had the opportunity
to play football. So once upon a time
I was a shop keeper!
Dougie Raine
Mulgrave Community
Sports Association
Peter Beardsley
unveiled our new sports pavilion
and pitches in 2007 and we have not
looked back since.
The Foundation didn’t just give
us a grant of more than £270,000.
They gave us fantastic advice and
the confidence to go and achieve
this.The facilities are in excellent
condition years later, and we keep
our finances on a steady footing.
The number of people using the
facility has gone beyond our wildest
dreams.We only had one junior
team at the start, there’ll be six next
season. Scarborough Council has
even cited ours as one of the most
successful projects in the borough
and visitors are always stunned with
what we’ve achieved here.
The secret to our success is that
we work as a team. Our committee
has worked together since the start
but it wouldn’t happen without
help from the local community.
Volunteers give up their time to
coach junior and senior sports
clubs, local people care for the
maintenance of the facility and local
businesses generously sponsor
teams. It is the community coming
together that enabled this site
to be created, and it is that team
approach that will see it continue
to benefit the community for many
years to come!”
It’s been an amazing
community effort, everyone’s been
involved. People like Dougie Raine
have been wonderful. This isn’t just
for the village of Lythe either, it’s
for the wider community which
covers a large area.”
Lord Normanby
Owner of the Mulgrave Estate