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is a community-based sports programme, which uses
sport as a platform to help young people develop life skills and revitalise disadvantaged
communities in a sustainable way.The programme currently has 13 projects across
South Africa, the US, Hong Kong, Spain, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the UK, India and China.
The programme’s 200 community sports sites
around the UK successfully attract over 53,000
users each week.The sites allow local communities
to engage in sporting activities, often at no cost,
and host a number of life skill programmes
including education, health, financial literacy and
employment initiatives.
The focus for the past year has been sustainability
and ensuring the sites are here to stay for the
Kirk Harrison, Head of Barclays Spaces for Sports,
explains the processes behind the Sustainability
“We have put in place a number
of initiatives with the aim of making sure
the sites are as sustainable as possible.
Additional grants are available through the
Sustainability Fund and we have a team of
Activity and SustainabilityAdvisors (ASAs)
based regionally across the UK who help sites
plan for the future. Regional site workshops
provide helpful insight into how sites remain
manageable for local communities and
authorities to run.”
To find out more and find the BS4S site
nearest to you visit:
In 2004, Barclays and the Foundation invested £500,000 into the Pilgrim Pitch and Pavilion in Saltash, close
to the home ground of Plymouth Argyle FC.The site comprises of a full-size floodlit artificial grass pitch and
changing rooms – which Saltash Police use to run Friday evening football sessions to engage local youths and
help lower anti-social behaviour rates in the area.
Despite regular bookings during evenings and most weekends, the pitch was under utilised and the income
generated was only sufficient to maintain running costs with nothing left for future upkeep.
Working closely with their ASA, the Plymouth flagship site was able to secure a further grant of £19,700
from Barclays. As a result, a new Sports Development Officer was appointed in 2011 who has introduced a
range of new sporting activities, including Mini-Soccer coaching and football tournaments. A steering group
acting on behalf of the local community has also been set up, tasked with engaging the community and
developing new initiatives.
Six months on since the grant was awarded, income from the site is up 40% and there has been a massive
69% increase in site usage.
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