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ASA intervention suppor ts the Foundation’s
‘through life’ approach to funding, in that it offers
advice from star t to finish to ensure projects are
always on track.
Wickersley School and Spor ts College in
Rotherham was awarded a Foundation facility
grant in 2007 of £99,226 towards an ar tificial
grass pitch.
Community lettings were originally handled by
a company operating on behalf of the Private
Finance Initiative that build the college, but they
ceased trading last year.This had left the school
without a structure to manage community usage
of its facilities.
Although well used in the week, with a number
of key par tners’ clubs accessing the facility, income
generation and par ticipation numbers were
below that forecast and they had struggled to fill
weekend and holiday usage, leading to concerns
over sustainability.
Through the suppor t of the County FA, it was
agreed that ASA intervention would assist the
school over a period of 12 months.
Working with the newly appointed Facility
Development Officer, ASA intervention focussed
on an agreed series of actions.This included:
the setting up of new booking and monitoring
systems and a clarification of the charging of
VAT; improving the governance of the site with
the setting up of a new steering group and the
creation of new football development and business
plans; developing a more proactive approach as a
way to increase community usage of the site with
improved marketing and par tnership working with
key organisations; and providing advice around
pitch maintenance and marking.
As a result, community usage has greatly increased.
The site is now operating to full capacity Monday
to Friday, with over 1,200 community users
accessing facilities.Working with Rotherham United
Community Spor ts Trust, Saturday morning and
holiday sessions have been set up for a disability
group. Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA, who
have always run a successful adult league at the
site, have recently run a coach education course
and are suppor ting the school in their new
development plan.
The County FA will be an integral par t of the
steering group, which is to have its first meeting
early this year. Income for the facility is estimated
to increase by over 30% and the school is currently
looking at increasing the level of their sinking fund
to ensure they have sufficient resources to replace
the surface when required. A new page on their
school website to help promote the facility is
under construction as well.
A helping hand
for Rotherham college
RichardWilliams, one the Foundation’s Activity and Sustainability Advisors
(ASAs), outlines an example of his work in keeping facilities on track.
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