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Sports Minister and Gareth Southgate
give thumbs-up to inaugural Monitoring
and Evaluation Report
Hugh Robertson MP and Minister for Sport and the Olympics officially
launched the Foundation’s first annual Monitoring and Evaluation Report.
We have always comprehensively monitored and
evaluated our projects but this is the first time we
have published them in one single document.The
Repor t highlights the impact that the Foundation
and its par tnership programmes (Barclays Spaces
for Spor ts, Extra Time and Mayor of London:
Facility Fund) investment has achieved during 2011.
It fur ther demonstrates the stages and processes
under taken to ensure the money received from
our funding par tners – The FA, Premier League
and Government – is achieving against its original
aims and objectives.
Across the country over 700,000 people played
spor t at Foundation sites during the 2010-11
season, with overall par ticipation increasing by
10.1% during this period. A fur ther 56,000 new
players, across 2,600 new teams, will be taking up
the beautiful game as a result of the Foundation’s
Grow the Game scheme.That exceeds original
targets by 13%.
The Spor ts Minister said:
“The Foundation has
an excellent record of delivering first-class
community sports facilities that increase access
to sport for local people and improve the quality
of their experience, making them more likely to
participate and remain active.
“I am impressed with the detailed analysis that
is contained in the Report, which demonstrates
exactly what Foundation investment is achieving,
including the excellent additional programmes
it manages on behalf of the Mayor of London,
Barclays and Comic Relief.
“The way that the Foundation is able to
keep track of how each facility it invests in is
performing, is not only an important tool for
their business, but may also be a good model for
other grant giving organisations.”
Former England international and Premier League
manager, Gareth Southgate, the current Head of
Elite Development at The FA, added his backing to
the Repor t.
Gareth said:
“This document is vitally important
to demonstrate that the money being invested
in the grassroots game through the Foundation
is producing positive and tangible results.
Aparticipation increase of 10.1% in 2011 is
a tremendous outcome and shows that funding
is being directed into the correct places.
“One of the best things to come out of the
Report is seeing the impact that intervention
from the Activity and Sustainability Advisors is
having in transforming underperforming sites.
The support provided by the Foundation to
projects long after the initial investment is crucial
to ensure longevity and sustainability at each site
they fund.”
The Foundation has worked in close par tnership
with The FA and the 50 County FA’s across the
country to achieve the standout figures achieved
in the Repor t.The FA contribute significant funding
and suppor t to the Foundation’s Grassroots
Facilities Fund; this includes the Grow the Game
scheme that is closely aligned with The FA National
Game Strategy, which aims to increase football
par ticipation across England.
Continuing the impor tance placed on measuring
the impact and outcomes of Foundation-funded
projects, Chief Executive Paul Thorogood
“This Report is something I am
very excited about. I believe it will set
the standard for organisations seeking to
demonstrate the impact they are having with
the money that is entrusted to them.This is
something that is critical to the Third Sector,
especially in these tough economic times.
“In a single document we have clearly set
out how Foundation grants are increasing
and sustaining participation in football and
other sports.
“This is without question the most detailed
and insightful publication that the Foundation
has ever produced.You will not find glossy
photos and human interest stories here –
although these can be found elsewhere on our
website and in other Foundation literature.
Instead, you will discover pure, hard data and
analysis of what we have achieved with the
money given to us.”
The Repor t is available to access online at:
Key findings
• Football participation increased by
8% at Foundation sites
• Multi-sport participation increased
by 10.1%
• 1,800 courses were delivered at
Foundation sites
•With 22,700 volunteers gaining
new qualifications
• 56,000 new league footballers through
Grow the Game
• And over 2,600 new football teams created
| The Football Foundation Magazine | Issue 29