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60% of people believe better local sports
facilities would reduce anti-social behaviour
according to a Foundation-commissioned
When asked about what the effect of
increasing and improving sports facilities in
their region the responses were as follows:
• Almost 60% of the more than 1,100
adults surveyed believed that improving
sporting facilities for young people would
reduce anti-social behaviour.
• 50% said it would stop groups and gangs
from hanging around street corners.
• 40% said it would increase their sense of
pride in the community.
• A significant number of respondents
believed more/better facilities could
prevent children and young people
joining gangs (40%), as well as reducing
crime (37%).
The findings were backed by former
Premier League and England star, Dion
Dublin, who said:
“Having enough good
quality local sports facilities is incredibly
important for sport at all levels. Every
player, myself included, started at the
grassroots so it is vital that we have the
platform to nurture the next generation
of talent.
“But it’s also essential for society as a
whole: football and other sports are a
great way to let off steam and stay fit and
healthy.We are not going to be able to
encourage people to get active if they have
nowhere to play their sports and we are
way behind other countries in that regard.
“That’s why I’m supporting the work of
the Foundation. I’ve seen first hand the
massive difference the Foundation is
making by building better facilities for local
people, both where I grew up and across
the country.”
Florent Malouda made a surprise visit toWiltshire-based
Foundation project, Stanley Park.The Chelsea and France winger
was researching a development in his homeland French Guiana
through his One Love Foundation.
Two-time FA Cup winner Malouda, who also won the Premier
League title with Chelsea in 2009, said:
“I’m trying to make a big
difference because I grew up in French Guiana and
left for France when I was 15.
“I’m really saddened every time I go back there
and see that the facilities haven’t changed that
much at all. I think it’s part of my responsibility,
while I’m in the Premier League, to try and
give something back.
“When you are using Foundation money, you
cannot afford any mistakes, so that’s why I’m
thankful that everyone was here to give me
good advice.’’
Manchester United and England legend, Gary Neville, has
backed a new Foundation publication that encourages potential
grant applicants – and anyone looking to develop new sports
facilities – to consider the environmental impact of their
proposed projects.
Speaking about the Foundation’s ‘Green Guidance’ document,
Gary said:
“This guide provides applicants with an informative
and user-friendly understanding of the key environmental
factors that should be considered before undertaking a project.”
Some of the areas where the Foundation is encouraging best
practice include:
• Use of renewable, sustainable, and recycled materials
•Transport policies and access to facilities
• Use of local labour and materials
• Reduction in carbon emissions.
To download the ‘Green Guidance’ document, visit:
and click on number 5, Environmental Issues, Sustainability,
and Social Responsibility.
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