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Anfield legend, Ian Rush, officially opened
a new football facility in Hereford, funded
by the Foundation and Par tnerships
for Schools.
The state-of-the-ar t third generation
ar tificial grass pitch will allowThe Hereford
Academy to promote and develop football
in the school and surrounding community.
The facility will increase the opportunities
available for training and match play,
therefore enabling Hinton Football
Club,The Hereford Academy and other
par tners, to deliver against The FA National
Game Strategy.The project will also
suppor t plans to create 45 new football
teams within local clubs in Herefordshire.
Ian said:
“It’s got fantastic facilities – the
third generation pitch is a great facility
and, hopefully, the local community and
the boys and girls will improve because
of it.”
Ian made the link between his legendary
Liverpool line-up’s ethic of teamwork and
the teamwork that the Herefordshire
community had demonstrated in building
this project.
“You win nothing as individuals when
you’re playing team games, so it’s all about
working as a team. If you want to be
successful, you have to work together.
“That applies to the local communities.
For local communities to improve they
need everyone singing from the same
hymn sheet and when they’ve got facilities
like this, it’s a great advantage. It gives
the boys and girls an incentive and it’s
well done to Herefordshire and the
local community.”
The Academy worked in par tnership
with Herefordshire Council and
Herefordshire FA to secure a £50,000
grant from the Foundation.
John Sheppard, Principal of The Hereford
Academy, added:
“The Hereford Academy
was fortunate to have received a grant
towards a third generation artificial grass
pitch.This project has been a culmination
of an effective partnership with the
Foundation and the Hertfordshire County
FA, resulting in the final completion of an
excellent facility for Herefordshire.
“The Hereford Academy is committed
to ensuring that as many people as
possible enjoy the benefits and to actively
promote and develop football both at The
Academy, and surrounding community.
We are thrilled that this is the only full-
size pitch of its kind in the county, and are
thankful to our funding partners.”
Liverpool legend
Ian Rush opens third generation
pitch in Hereford
| The Football Foundation Magazine | Issue 30