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Lawn Tennis
and Squash
Coolhurst Lawn Tennis and Squash Club
received a grant of £100,000 through
the MoL:FF.
The Crouch End-based unincorporated
Community Amateur Spor ts Club is one
of a few in Nor th London that has been
awarded the Lawn Tennis Association’s
Gold Club Mark accreditation and,
following the improvements made as a
result of the funding, they will now play
host to national squash competitions.
Kate Hoey MP is the Mayor of London’s
Commissioner for Spor t. She and her
team at City Hall have been integral to
delivering the MoL:FF in par tnership
with our team at the Foundation. Kate
“The Coolhurst tennis and squash
project is a great example of how the
MoL:FF is transforming the Capital’s
multi-sport facilities.
“It is really satisfying to see the
improvements to sites that this
investment is making in every single
London Borough and I congratulate the
hard work of applicants and volunteers,
as well as the Foundation, whom we are
working with through the programme.
Together we are delivering a real legacy
for the Capital.”
Usage of the new site will be shared
between Coolhurst Lawn Tennis and
Squash Club, six local Haringey and
Islington schools and the elite squads
from England Squash.
Projected increases in par ticipation are
forecast to be 33% – up from 1,200 to
1,600, with the biggest increase coming in
the 7–16 age range.
The Old Dunstonians Cricket Club and Commercial Union
Assurance Company was formed in 2001 and is situated in the
outer London Borough of Bromley.
Following funding from the MoL:FF, Old Dunstonians aim to
increase their facility’s usage by 83%, predominantly through three
par tner schools using the site which should see 4,000 pupils
benefitting from the new cricket facilities.
The club also aims to increase the engagement of female players,
as very few females currently play cricket in the area.
ColinWillis, Chairman of the Cricket Club, said:
performances at both senior and junior level have been
excellent following the improvements to our facilities. New
improved training facilities have not only benefitted the club,
but our partner schools can now practise regularly in a modern,
safe and sustainable environment.
“As an England andWales Cricket Board Focus Club, we
are now in a position to actively play a significant role in the
development of grassroots cricket in our area.”
Old Dunstonians
Cricket Club
and Commercial
Union Assurance
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