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improving facilities • creating opportunities • building communities
The Football Foundation
Whittington House, 19-30 Alfred Place,
London, WC1E 7EA
0845 345 4555
Registered Charity Number 1079309. Registered in England andWales. Company limited by guarantee. Company Number 3876305.
Gary Neville
England Coach and former Manchester
United and England defender.
Q. How did you find your
experience with England at
Euro 2012?
I really enjoyed it and I was genuinely
surprised to be a par t of the team.
When Roy called me, it came out of
the blue for me, but I was honoured
and privileged to be thought
of and to be a par t of this new
England team. It was a very different
experience for me, but Roy and Ray
helped me with their experience, and
hopefully I contributed something
too.The next four years are an
exciting time and hopefully will also
be a successful time.
Q.You recently did a tour of
Foundation sites. What did you
learn from it?
It was a real eye opener, to see both
sides, well run facilities and poorly
maintained ones. I learnt where the
investment came from and what it
was used for, and the quality of the
facilities that the Foundation had
helped with were unbelievable and
truly outstanding. Nothing like what
I played on when I was a child.We
visited Par tington and I was blown
away by the standard of facilities
available to the children.The flip side
of that was we also saw facilities
that were terrible and in need of
the Foundation’s help, the type of
facilities that I do remember as a
child. It showed the difference funding
makes and it would be a real shame
if local Council cuts mean that sport
is the first thing to go, but hopefully
with the Foundation’s work, and
the Olympics, spor t will be seen as
compulsory and not an after-thought,
a way to make spor t central to
the community.
Q.What difference do
you think having better
grassroots facilities would
make to developing more
home-grown talent?
You can get about five or six hours
a week from a real grass pitch before
you risk damaging the surface, but
you can get around 90 hours of
use every week from these third
generation ar tificial grass pitches, so a
lot more people get the oppor tunity
to play spor t in places where the
Foundation has helped to build these
floodlit facilities.The more children
can play, be coached and have access
to facilities, such as the ones funded
by the Foundation, then this is bound
to have an effect on the standard and
numbers of children coming through.
Q. (We might know the
answer to this but) which
team do you support?
Manchester United.
Q. If Manchester United could
sign any player from history,
who would you choose?
Q. Tell us something
about yourself that would
surprise people.
I love chocolate and Lindt is my
: Keith Denham
: Secretary
: Powerleague Colts FC
“The Foundation
has been supporting grassroots
football for many years.All over the
country youth football clubs have
been benefiting from new grounds,
buildings, kits and other equipment,
necessary to improve the game
at this level.The Foundation is a
wonderful organisation and without
their help and support, clubs like
ours wouldn’t be able to deliver the
high level of coaching and support
our children need to learn.”
“Keith Denham is one
of a handful of important people
who put in a lot of time and hard
work from within our club. His
enthusiasm and commitment to his
secretarial duties are second
to none.
“Keith is also the longest serving
coach within our club, but where he
really excels is in his fundraising for
the club, with him, and the amazing
help from the Foundation it will
ensure that the children in this
community will have a better, safer
and more enjoyable environment in
which to play their football.
“With Keith, the Foundation, and
the other like-minded volunteers
from within the club, Powerleague
Colts has an exciting and very bright
future, which I’m very proud to be
part of.”
Duane Baker, Chairman of
Powerleague Colts and
Under-14s Manager.