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The Football Foundation-designed online management and
evaluation system, Upshot, is already being snapped up by
community sports organisations across the country.
Brighton University has taken on the system. Brighton’s Deputy
Head of Sport, Michelle Page, said:
“Upshot has shaped our
plans for the coming years.The potential to save time, measure
and track progress instantly will drastically improve the level
of service we can offer our users.This will allow us to be
more responsive to trends and seeing instantly what is and is
not working.There are also great tools for feeding back the
information to key stakeholders.”
TheTennis Foundation has adopted Upshot to manage its
community tennis pilot projects in eight inner-city areas across
the UK, includingTower Hamlets, Leeds and Liverpool. Upshot
will also be able to enable them to evidence participation,
retention and other outcomes.
Meanwhile, the Oldham-based Energize Project has also taken
on Upshot. Energize uses sport to deliver training, mentoring
and volunteering opportunities to young people aged 16–25.
Upshot will help them manage the project, and ultimately,
evidence their achievements.
Oldham Community LeisureTrust’s Health and Outdoor
Development Officer, Alan Keane, explained:
“Upshot is helping
us to capture detailed information about the groups we’re
reaching and whether we really are converting the previously
inactive.We find it easy to use and enjoy linking media files,
such as photos, to otherwise just quantitative data.”
For more information about the online management and
evaluation system visi
The Foundation has produced a
Marketing and PRToolkit for grassroots
community organisations to help them
publicise their facilities and spread the word
to potential customers about opportunities
to hire them.
Although designed primarily for use by
Foundation-funded facilities, the techniques
can be transferred to virtually any
community project.
This user-friendly guide introduces some
simple marketing techniques for use by
people running community sports facilities.
We’ve cut out the jargon and translated the
marketing methods into layman’s terms. But
best of all, it’s a completely free resource!
Whether it is producing posters, press
releases, arranging events, using social media,
learning more about marketing, or even
developing a website, the toolkit covers it all.
The Foundation is working withThe FA to help ensure
there is good behaviour by players and parents alike in the
grassroots game.We are rolling out Respect barriers and
Respect packs (made up of captains’ armbands, marshals’
bibs and Respect signage).
The Foundation has been entrusted with managing the £1m
allocation of vouchers which will help leagues and clubs across
the country to pay for the Respect products.The Foundation is
working in conjunction with the County FAs to deliver this part
of the Respect programme, which has proved very popular and
effective in the last few years.
To find out more visit:
Download the handy toolkit from:
The next Issue of ONSIDE
will feature Respect launch
event with FA Chairman,
David Bernstein.
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