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The Nuneaton Academy, formed in 2009 and
opened in September 2012, officially unveiled their
new third generation pitch with the help of the
Chairman of The FA, David Bernstein and the Chief
Executive of the Foundation, Paul Thorogood, and
the Chairman of the Foundation, Gary Hoffman.
With no other third generation artificial grass
pitches in the district, the closest being ten miles
and a 25-minute drive away, the new facility at the
Nuneaton Academy will have a substantial impact
on the local community.
The Nuneaton and Bedwor th Leisure Trust
and the Birmingham FA worked in partnership
to secure a sizeable £244,748 grant from the
Foundation towards the £595,000 project.
“It is absolutely brilliant to see such a fantastic
facility here in Nuneaton and to see so many
young people and parents enjoying it,”
said David
Bernstein, Chairman of The FA.
The facility will support the growth of the
Nuneaton and Bedwor th Minor League and
Nuneaton Town Football Club, increasing the
number of teams in the league from 137 to 152,
and teams at the club from 23 to 43 by the end
of the five year Development Plan.
David said:
“We are looking to change grassroots
football in this country so it becomes more
skills-based and much less based on physicality.
You can’t play quality football unless you have
quality pitches and facilities to play on.”
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Stoke City Chairman
unveils new pavilion
in Staffordshire
Stoke City Football Club Chairman, Peter
Coates, unveiled a new £880,000 facility,
including a changing pavilion and refurbished
artificial grass pitch at the South Moorlands
Leisure Centre in Staffordshire.
The new changing rooms and
refurbishments will see over 800 new
par ticipants utilising the facilities at the
leisure centre and will provide a home
base for three local partner clubs: Cheadle
Town FC, Cheadle United FC and South
Moorlands FC.
The Staffordshire Moorlands District
Council worked with the Staffordshire
FA to secure a £235,000 grant from
the Foundation.
Local Councillor, Mark Deaville, said:
“I am so excited to see this fantastic
sports project in Cheadle. I am also
delighted to see that the facilities are
being widely used by local football teams
and other groups in the Cheadle area.
“It is a considerable investment for both the
council and the Football Foundation but an
investment that we know is already reaping
huge benefits for local people and clubs.
“This project would not have been
possible without intense involvement of
the Foundation, the local authority, the
local residents and most importantly the
user groups and football clubs. It has been
a great example of team work and clearly
demonstrates what can be achieved if
people pull in the same direction.”
Trio of football figures
open new third generation
pitch for Nuneaton
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