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Foundation’s second M&E Report
shows impressive impact of investment
The Foundation prides itself on developing some of the most sophisticated
business systems of any grant-giving body of its type. On top of this, we also
have robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of all our projects. Our second
M&E Repor t shows striking results, which we analyse here.
One of the things that sets the Foundation apart from other grant-giving
bodies is that we do not simply build facilities and walk away.We accurately
measure their usage and record the wide-ranging areas of impact achieved
as a result of Foundation-enhanced facilities.
We also identify facilities which we believe can achieve even higher usage
levels and engage with them, providing expertise and support to ensure that
they are able to make this happen.This is impor tant, as it provides reassurance
to our funders – and to potential funders – that the Foundation does not
simply sign a cheque, walk away and allow a white elephant to be built.
Minister for Spor t, Hugh Rober tson MP, echoed this in his Foreword to the
Repor t, praising the Foundation’s
“highly effective monitoring and analysis,
to ensure that targets are met and that every facility is getting the absolute
maximum use, increasing opportunities for people to play sport.”
Our latest research once again clearly demonstrates how critical improving
this country’s inventory of local sports facilities is to increasing participation.
One difference with this year’s Repor t is that we had an external consultant
review our M&E processes, just to make sure that we were doing everything
right and to identify any areas for improvement.Thankfully, we got a clean
bill of health! A separate external review also confirmed that the approved
par ticipation process and corresponding calculations were accurate.
A second difference is this year the Foundation has set Strategic Performance
Indicators (SPIs) in the Repor t to provide a clear measure of how both the
organisation and our projects are performing
We have significantly exceeded our target of achieving a 5% increase in
football activity as a result of Foundation investment, by actually achieving an
11.3% increase in season 2011-12.We achieved an even bigger 13.5% increase
in multi-spor t activity as a result of our investment, against our 5% target.
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