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SPI 1:
Growth in the number of
people playing football because
of our funding:
11.3% actual
(5% target)
SPI 2:
Growth in the number of
people playing other sports
because of our funding:
13.5% actual
(5% target)
SPI 3:
Proportion of projects assessed
meeting expected outcomes:
91.7% actual
(90% target)
SPI 4:
Proportion of people who are
happy with our customer service:
83.2% actual
(90% target)
There was over of 740,000 people playing sport across all Foundation-
funded facilities each week last year, and 555,000 playing football alone.
There were more than 63,000 qualifications, such as FA Level One and
Two badges, taken at facilities we have provided funding for – so our sites
are venues that skill-up grassroots sports’ volunteer workforces on top of
being spaces to hold matches and training sessions.
Our Grow the Game (GtG) scheme was once again extremely
successful in bringing in new players to our national game, creating
new FA league-affiliated teams and transforming enthusiastic
volunteers into newly-trained up, qualified coaches.
In total, nearly 20,000 people joined 1,279 new football teams that
were established thanks to Grow the Game grants last season. More
than 3,300 courses were completed.With that structural combination
of new teams created and new coaches qualified, these GtG
par ticipation figures are far less likely to simply disappear once the
funding runs out.
The Premier League Community Facility Fund (PLCFF) is a new scheme,
but already the projected numbers of people who will benefit from the
new facilities its grants are building look impressive.
PLCFF sites are already expected to provide regular multi-sport
opportunities for more than 15,500 people. Combined with the fact
that these facilities are also venues for professional clubs’ community
schemes to deliver their outreach work, the PLCFF is an extremely
exciting programme.
Barclays Spaces for Spor ts continues to set the standard for spor ts-
based Corporate Responsibility programmes. Every week more than
26,000 people of all ages and abilities use the 26 flagship sites that
were built with Barclays and Football Foundation funding.
We are extremely proud to deliver the sports facilities element of the
Mayor of London’s 2012 Olympic Legacy programme – the Mayor of
London: Facility Fund (MoL:FF).
The Fund is ensuring that every single London borough benefits from
new, multi-spor t sites. It has improved the health of the Capital as
13.5% of people who were previously not exercising, now regularly
play spor t at one of the MoL:FF’s 77 new facilities.
We are delighted to repor t that the Foundation has ensured incredible
value for the Mayor and the GLA by helping to secure nearly £35m of
par tnership funding (against a target of just £11.5m).
‘Through-life’ support
Finally, the Repor t demonstrates another area that highlights the
Foundation’s uniqueness amongst grant-givers: our commitment to
help suppor t projects throughout their lifetime, long after the money
has been awarded.We at the Foundation do not award grants then
walk away with our fingers crossed.
We hold Suppor t Day meetings with each project, and our six
Activity and Sustainability Advisors (ASAs) offer exper t and tailored
interventions to projects that need assistance.
It is a pioneering model that we have developed to ensure our
sites remain looked after and well-used – and it has proved to be
tremendously successful.
Our ASAs have achieved an increase of 32% participants at
Foundation-funded sites they have worked on and have helped those
sites generate 18% additional income per week. ASA suppor t has also
elicited a 29.8% increase in participants, resulting in 3,848 extra players
at Barclays Spaces for Spor ts flagship sites.
So, whilst you can read ONSIDE to see the colourful pictures and
shiny, new facilities that result from the generous investment from our
funding par tners: the Premier League,The FA and Government (via
Spor t England), you can now also read our M&E Report 2012, which
demonstrates the enormous impact in numbers.
The full Report can be found on our website at:
The Foundation’s four core Strategic
Performance Indicators (SPIs):
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