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Manchester United
Manager, Sir Alex
Ferguson CBE, joined
Premier League Chief
Executive and Football
Foundation Trustee,
Richard Scudamore, at
a school in Stretford
The Fund is investing in the
development of new or enhanced
local sports facilities across England
The United boss officially opened
Stretford High School’s new third
generation pitch, which is par t of
the new Stretford Spor ts Village,
located less than a mile away from
Old Trafford.The pitch was built with
the help of a £350,000 grant from
the PLCFF.
Sir Alex said:
“On the back of the
Olympics, everyone is talking about
how sport can improve fitness and
keep people active.The great thing
about the Premier League is that
they have been doing this kind of
work for a long time now.”
unded by the Premier
League and delivered by the
Football Foundation, will see £18m
invested into the development of
new or enhanced spor ts facilities
over the next three years.The
Fund is open to all football club
community-led organisations
from the PremierLeague, Football
League, Football Conference and
Conference Nor th and
South divisions.
ites will help strengthen
links between professional football
clubs and their communities, and
will become venues for the clubs’
outreach work.
Richard Scudamore said:
Premier League has been banging
the drum for sports participation
New scheme that builds
‘Premier League’ facilities
for local people
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