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for many years now and it is
heartening to see that this issue is
moving up the political agenda.The
s all about providing sports
facilities that reinvigorate local
communities.This £18m, which is
available to 160 clubs, across seven
divisions of English football,
is investment that will have a
lasting impact.”
Stretford High School had
historically had poor sports facilities,
but the new pitch will see the
Manchester United Foundation
deliver elements of their community
projects at the site and will also
be used by the Manchester FA for
coach education.
Sir Alex added:
“The Stretford
Sports Village is a fantastic facility
for young people.Whether the
young people who use it ever
become a champion or not, play
for Manchester United or not, that
is not the issue – the thing is they
will be enjoying playing sport and
they should take great inspiration
from it.”
Richard Scudamore added:
Premier League were one of the
founding partners of the Football
Foundation. I have been a Trustee
ever since the Foundation started
and the Premier League has put
in nearly £200m since it launched
in 2000. Obviously, all the other
funding partners have contributed
massively as well and we’ve created
a huge amount of facilities across
the country. It’s absolutely essential,
and there is still a huge gap in terms
of provision and requirement, so
we’ll keep on doing this for a long
time yet.This is a very important
part of what the Premier League
does and what we do for sport
development generally.”
Read about Magpies boss, Alan
Pardew, announcing a similar PLCFF
project for Newcastle on page 23.
Watch the exclusive film of this event
r at:
is all about
providing sports facilities
that reinvigorate local
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