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Last year’s announcement by The FA that youth
football must be played on smaller sized pitches has
led to an extremely successful first window for the
Foundation’s 9v9 goalpost scheme.
This was the first opportunity for clubs to apply for
funding of 50% towards the total cost of purchasing
the new smaller goals recommended by The FA for
Under-11 and Under-12 matches, which are optional for
season 2012-13 and mandatory for season 2013-14.
In total, almost 200 clubs from 44 County FA’s applied
through the scheme, requesting funding towards nearly
2,000 sets of goalposts at a total cost of just under
£1m. For tunately there is still money available and
any clubs that missed out the first time around will
also have the opportunity to apply when the window
reopens in Spring 2013.
The Foundation will be working closely with County
FAs across the country to identify clubs and sites that
could benefit, so interested clubs should ensure they
contact their local representative and coordinate their
application with them.
Sport England
announces £40m
for grassroots
Spor t England has announced its four-year
spending plans to achieve an increase in the
numbers of people playing grassroots sport
following the London 2012 Olympic and
Paralympic Games.
Sport England awarded grassroots football
£40m of funding from a total budget of
£493m.The Foundation will work withThe
FA and Sport England to deliver the facilities
element of this through theWhole Sport Plan.
Spor t England’s Chief Executive, Jennie Price,
“We’ve learned a lot over the last
four years and with a record 15.5m people
already playing sport once a week, we are
on track to deliver.”
Minister for Spor t, Hugh Rober tson MP,
“This public investment of almost
half a billion pounds for grassroots sport
will help us deliver a real legacy from
the London 2012 Games.We want all
sports governing bodies to help inspire
a generation and create a culture where
people have a sporting habit for life.”
for grassroots
The Foundation is launching a brand new
online por tal that enables clubs to generate
cash every time their players and volunteers
purchase goods or services online.
A club will receive a percentage of each
transaction that is made by someone who
purchases something via their online portal.
So instead of purchasing their goods directly
from a supermarket’s website, if a player or
volunteer visits that website via the link
on the club’s online por tal, the club will
make money.
The revenue-generating online platform
has been produced by ClubWebsite and
is a very exciting, easy, and entirely free
way for clubs, charities, schools and other
organisations to raise cash simply by going
about their daily business!
Still time
to get
The Respect scheme will remain open until
the available funding is used up.
Clubs can apply for 50% off Respect
equipment, which includes:
• Touchline barriers
• ‘Our club suppor ts Respect’ banners
• High-viz pitch marshals’ vests
• Captain’s armbands
• Parent and carer’s DVD
• Player cards
The FA’s Respect programme aims to put
measures in place to promote the good
behaviour of parents on the touchline,
educate young players and contribute to the
positive and fun experience that we all want
young people to have when learning the
beautiful game.
Clubs interested in applying should speak
to their local County FA. For more
information on the Respect packs visit:
| The Football Foundation Magazine | Issue 31