The Club Cashback Scheme is a new partnership between the Football
Foundation and ClubWebsite to support local clubs, raise much needed
funds, and ensure future sustainability within the grassroots game.The Scheme
allows grassroots clubs to raise new revenues to help run the club or, indeed,
contribute towards partnership-funding on a Foundation project.
Club Cashback allows members to generate a cashback reward for their club
every time they shop online.With over 2,000 retailers to choose from, including
some of the biggest high street brands, every purchase made via the new Club
Cashback platform will earn the club a cashback reward of 1–15% of the total
sales value.
If you’re involved in community sport, or you know someone at a grassroots
club, let them know about the new Club Cashback Scheme. It’s a very effective
and simple way to raise money for your club just by shopping online.
| The Football Foundation Magazine | Issue 32
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