disabled participants have benefitted
from new sites funded by the MoL:FF.
people volunteer across the capital
every week at MoL:FF facilities.
people use a MoL:FF facility each week.
of users at MoL:FF sites are now active,
having previously been inactive.
“Since receiving funding from the Mayor of London: Facility Fund,
we have seen a real upsurge in participation at the Centre, in boxing in
particular.This was undoubtedly helped by the efforts of Nicola Adams at
the Olympics – she trained here and is a member of our boxing club.
“We have seen an overall increase in participation of around 10%
across all activities and continue to see increased interest in many sports
since the Olympics, particularly physical fitness and weight training
and football.
“Facility usage is currently at an all-time high; we currently have 71 local
clubs booking our facilities.”
“As a direct result of the Olympics, we have had 444 people contact
us to apply to join our ‘Learn to Row’ course.To put this into some
kind of perspective, when we normally advertise ‘Learn to Row’, we get
approximately 700 requests per year – we received more than 50% of that
number in one month. Before the start of the Olympics, we were receiving
an average of four requests per day to join the course. On the 1st of August,
the day of the first Team GB rower’s medal win, we recorded 18 requests;
the next day we recorded 24!
“The club has always had a waiting list for its ever popular beginners’
courses but we’re always been hampered by the fact that our river access
was over 100 metres from the club, and involved steep steps directly into
the water.The assistance of the Mayor of London: Facility Fund and other
generous funders meant that we could build a new river access directly
outside the front of the club.The access still involves steps but now
incorporates a stepped ramp apron to launch up to two 8’s at a time, and
under close supervision of the club.This vastly increases our capacity to
safely boat larger numbers of rowers.This allows us to encourage, keep and
facilitate older and less firm rowers.
“We work hard to build a happy sustainable rowing club with
participants in each of the layers from novice entrants, to people who
want to take up rowing later in life.We want to train them, retain them
and watch them turn into part of the rowing community, as participants,
coaches and volunteers.
“Since we constructed the ramp, with the help of the Mayor’s Fund, we
have increased to a club of 290 members.This is an increase of 70 and
we are bursting at the seams, whilst still seeing a 90%+ retention rate
from our learn to row scheme.The club is now so busy that we have to
run three sessions of circuits on a Thursday evening and two sittings of
supper afterwards!”
| The Football Foundation Magazine | Issue 32
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