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Maria Miller MP
Secretary of State for Culture,
Media and Sport
Q. What are the best
attributes that sport brings
to the country?
Sport has an incredible power to
bring people and communities
together.The London 2012 Olympic
and Paralympic Games showed that
last year – from the torch relay to the
incredible success of British athletes.
But away from major sporting events,
all sorts of things including new
facilities – like the ones the Football
Foundation help build – strengthen
communities. A top quality facility
encourages participation and people
to bond through sport.
Q. How important are
quality facilities to people’s
enjoyment of playing
grassroots football each week?
The Government recognises the
importance of improving and
maintaining sports facilities (up
and down the country) and it
remains a key element of creating
a sporting legacy from hosting the
2012 Games. It is why, along with
the Premier League and The FA, we
remain so committed to the Football
Foundation and the fantastic work
that it does in improving pitches and
stadiums (up and down the country)
and encouraging people to play
the game.
Q. What is the most
satisfying part of your role
as Secretary of State for
Culture, Media and Sport?
I enjoy so many different aspects in
my role as Secretary of State because
the department’s portfolio is so
varied, but the most satisfying aspect
would have to be meeting people
where the department is making
a positive difference to their lives.
Recently I had the chance to speak
with some young people participating
in Sport England’s ‘Sportivate’
programme and they all said how
pleased they were to be involved as
it has given them more confidence,
an opportunity to make new friends
and lead a much healthier lifestyle.
I’m also really pleased at the progress
we have been able to make around
improving the coverage of women
in sport, after last summer we really
need to make sure that broadcasters
think about women’s sport and not
just men’s when they are planning
their coverage.
Q. Which team do you
support? [any sport]
As I was raised in Bridgend in South
Wales in a rugby-loving household, I
used to support the local Bridgend
Rugby Club. But, now I am Member
of Parliament for Basingstoke, I have
certain Basingstoke loyalties!
Q. Who is your favourite
sporting figure from history?
There are so many positive female
role models to choose from, not
least from last summer’s Olympics
and Paralympics where Jess Ennis and
Ellie Simmons really captured the
public’s imagination. But my personal
favourite would probably be my
Conservative Party colleague, Rachel
Heyhoe-Flint, who did so much to
challenge stereotypes as a world-class
cricketer, or VirginiaWade, our last
female Grand Slam winner.
Q. Tell us something
about yourself that would
surprise people?
I can often be found cycling around
South London with my children at
weekends, I’m not ever going to
compete with Victoria Pendleton but
I enjoy it nonetheless.
: Adam Mayhew
: Manager
: Hickling Football Club,
“I’m not sure what
all the fuss is, I just do what I’ve
been doing for the last 20 years.
I love playing and being involved
with football and am prepared to
help with community events in any
way I can. My aim is to have youth
football at Hickling so that the
next generation can learn to enjoy
football as much as I do.
“I joined Hickling FC at the age of
14 in 1986 and took over the role
of Manager and Groundsman in
1999.We have progressed through
the leagues since changing to
the North East Norfolk League
to encourage more youth to the
team, and are currently in the
second division.
“I am working on trying to get
floodlights so we can train all year
round.We allowed our old changing
facilities to be sold and used a
temporary changing facility until
the new, fantastic facilities were
ready.The club is now self-sufficient
and we regularly use it to hold
fundraising events.”
“Adam and his team
have been outstanding. Not only
have they provided an opportunity
for the local community to play
football, they have also contributed
far more to our village community
by organising and managing the
re-instatement of village play
equipment, as well as organising
several well-received social
functions for the benefit of all.This
is a big thank you to Adam and this
team of helpers from the village
of Hickling.”
Richard Cook
Chair of Trustees
Hickling Football Club
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