Just over a year after its launch, over 100 organisations are now
using Upshot, the Foundation’s online Monitoring and Evaluation
system.These include sporting foundations in the fields of
cricket, tennis and basketball, local authorities, universities and
a range of specialist community organisations such as the
Wheelchair FA, and Sefton Community andVoluntary Services.
Hundreds of people are now making use of the ground-
breaking web-based system that allows organisations to record
information on any number of projects in one place, and
manage and monitor the delivery of their work.
Upshot also provides a unique ‘viewing platform’ that allows
funders or sponsors of work to get an overview of what is
being done with the money and support that they provide.
Over 100 projects
now using Upshot
Gary Atyes from the British Basketball League Foundation.
Upshot has proven to be
perfect for us. We are
running Proj3kt3on3 across
five basketball clubs, all of
whom enter information on
Upshot, which allows me
as Project Director to see
their progress at a glance,
address any issues of
concern and celebrate
our successes.”
| The Football Foundation Magazine | Issue 32
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