onsıde| ISSUE 39 COVER STORY: GARETH SOUTHGATE 16 Gareth fronts a FF media campaign across broadcast media to promote the impact of the Football Foundation’s investment on increasing participation. 11 MAY 2012 With Gareth as a key architect, The FA ratifies its Youth Development Review proposals. The programme enabled younger players to play in smaller teams, on smaller pitches, with smaller goals, and so get more touches of the ball during a match. 28 MAY 2012 Gareth appointed coach of the England Under-21 side. 22 AUGUST 2013 more people – from all different ages and backgrounds – to play football, stay healthy and enjoy the social benefits of doing so.” Indeed facilities built by the Foundation have an unrivalled ability to harness the power of football for the wider social good. Not only do people who use our facilities benefit from improved physical and mental health but they are afforded opportunities to gain qualifications, work experience and develop holistically by learning crucial life skills, like team work and the ability to communicate effectively. In a manifestation of this, one young budding female footballer enquired, “What is the best piece of advice you could give us please?” As the former England Under-21 boss concluded some keepie- uppies with the rest of her team by trapping the ball emphatically, he declared: “Whatever sports you play, enjoy them.” That pointed and thoughtful advice can be traced back in part at least to 2011/12 when the former Villa defender was The FA’s Head of Elite Development. “Floodlit all-weather pitches allow football to be played all-year- round, irrespective of the weather. This means more people, more often, taking part in the sport.”