FF AMBASSADORS onsıde| ISSUE 39 33 Former England coach Lawrie snips the ribbon and poses for pictures with local youngsters. S ky Sports News’ Hayley McQueen dropped in at the William Perkin School, West London to help them celebrate the official opening of their new all-weather pitch and two-storey changing room. A £534,350 Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund grant enabled the school to construct the facility, which is projected to increase participation by 238%. In addition to the school’s several hundred students, the grassroots site will also be called ‘home’ by Middlesex FA Girls Centre of Excellence and local sides Greenford Celtic FC and Hanwell Town Youth FC. “I wish my school had something like this when I was growing up!” said Hayley before showing her delight at the pitch’s provision for the female game, “It’s amazing to see girls getting the chance to use this facility, hopefully there are some future stars here in our midst!” TV STAR HAYLEY MAKES LONDON SCHOOLKIDS’ DAY L awrie McMenemy MBE, Southampton FC’s 1976 FA Cup-winning Manager, opened South Wonston Parish Council’s state-of-the-art changing room pavilion. The new facilities will be used by several local grassroots teams, including Wonston Swifts FC, with forecasts projecting that the number of footballers aged 14-25 using the facility will jump by 155%. Speaking at the opening, Lawrie said: “The changing room pavilion here will provide an outstanding facility to accommodate the club’s many youth and senior players for decades to come. It is vital that the thousands of people who play at the very lowest levels of the game every single week, have access to quality facilities to enjoy the sport they love.” The new facility, aided thanks to £100,000 from the Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund, comprises: two team changing SAINT LAWRIE: NEW PAVILION WILL GIVE DECADES OF BENEFIT rooms; an officials’ changing room; clubroom; kitchen facilities and storage space. The new pavilion has been installed with ground source heating and is equipped with solar panels that help to improve the facility’s long-term green credentials.