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New training facilities opened at the AHOY Centre, London

New training facilities opened at the AHOY Centre, London

Date published: 20/09/2012
Project opening
Mayor of London: Facilities Fund

Thursday 20 September 2012 saw brand new training facilities unveiled at The AHOY Centre in Greenwich. The new building includes teaching areas and an indoor rowing gym which replaces a caravan and two containers.

The facility will be used by the British Rowing Association who require new spaces to deliver coaching courses together with the Ahoy Ambassadors system with the aim to increase participation.  

Treasurer of the London Marathon Trust and part funder, David Golton cut the ribbon to officially open the new facility.  

The AHOY charity promotes a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to participate in water activities not usually accessible in London. They aim to break down social barriers and provide the opportunity to teach and train people to develop essential life skills, self confidence and pride. 

A £100,000 grant was provided by the Mayor of London facility fund; part of the Mayor's commitment to deliver a sporting legacy from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The overall aim of the Mayor of London: Facility Fund is to raise participation levels in sport in London through the funding of sports facilities. The fund helps to provide affordable, good quality local facilities within local communities.

Mayor of London: Sports Facilities Fund openings

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