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We produce a number of publications to keep you informed with the work that the Football Foundation does, such as our regular newsletter and annual reviews.

We also have provided a number of resources to help applicants plan their facilities and get the most of them once completed, including our technical guidance sheets and marketing toolkits.

Annual Review and Report - PDF version

Marketing and PR Toolkit
Read the Marketing and PR Toolkit

Free Toolkit to help you publicise your facility and fill those slots!

Have you got free slots at your sports site that you want to fill? Do you want to reach local businesses, schools or the general public and tell them about opportunities to hire out your pitches or facilities?

Then help is at hand with our free new resource.

Read our Marketing and PR Toolkit to learn some tips on how to publicise your facility and spread the word to potential customers about opportunities to hire it.

This user-friendly guide introduces some simple marketing techniques but makes them relevant for people who run community sports facilities. We have also cut out the jargon and translated the marketing methods into layman’s terms. But best of all it’s completely free!

Whether it is producing posters, press releases, arranging events, using Twitter, learning more about marketing, or even developing a website, our toolkit covers it.

Read the interactive version of the Toolkit

We have put together a set of templates to assist with some aspects of marketing and PR. You can download the template, fill it in, save it to your computer, and then print it off if appropriate.

Poster templates

We have categorised the poster templates by purpose, size and gender so that you can choose the one that fits your facility best. Use the category navigator below to select your poster template.

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Sustainability toolkit
Read the Sustainability Toolkit

Sustainability Toolkit

Sustainability is a word you probably hear a lot when it comes to planning, managing and delivering projects and services but you may not know how to achieve it or indeed, what it actually means in real terms.

This guide has been designed to provide an introduction to some of the key areas to consider when planning the longer term sustainability of a project or organisation.

The information is aimed at grassroots clubs and voluntary sector organisations that may be coming to the end of a period of grant funding and are approaching sustainability for the first time, or are looking for some additional tips and advice for planning the future of projects, services and the wider organisation.

This guide will help you start developing a sustainability plan by introducing a number of different topics to consider, along with additional resources to allow you to follow up in more detail.

The layout allows you to pick and choose which topics you feel are most relevant and therefore you can jump around from topic to topic picking out the information you feel is most helpful to your project and organisation.


Foundation grassroots facilities contribution to the UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2011
Foundation grassroots facilities contribution to the UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2011

Research shows benefits to UK economy of Foundation’s investment into grassroots infrastructure

Since 2000, the Foundation has awarded 1,664 facility grants worth £320m towards developing new pitches and changing pavilions. We have often highlighted how this investment improves the quality of experience enjoyed by people at the grassroots and helps to increase participation.

Now a new report commissioned by the Foundation and carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) has found that investing into the country’s grassroots infrastructure also delivers major benefits to the UK economy, in terms of growing gross domestic product (GDP) and job creation. In particular, the report highlights that for every pound of Foundation investment into grassroots facilities, £7.73 worth of economic output is generated via partnership funding and the subsequent multiplier effects.

You can download the full report by Cebr from this page.