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Old Newton United FC

Old Newton United FC

Suffolk-based Old Newton United FC play their matches at a fourpitch site in the village centre. The pitches

have been kept in excellent condition thanks to a piped drainage system that was installed in 2005 with the help of a small facility grant from the Foundation of £9,900.

The club has a robust and detailed maintenance programme undertaken by a volunteer groundsman to keep the pitches in optimum condition. However, due to its age, the costs of repairs to their ride-on mower exceeded its actual value and this was hampering the quality of the pitches.

At the start of 2011, the club and their partners successfully applied for a BtG grant of £4,963. They now have the use of a brand new tractor, with side discharge mower and mulching kit, which is ideal for their needs.

The new BtG-funded mower is therefore enabling Old Newton United FC to maintain the previous Foundation investment into the grass pitches.

Check out footbage of Old Newton United FC's new tractor.

Check out photos of Old Newton United FC.