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Monitoring and Evaluation Results 2015

Monitoring and Evaluation Results 2015


Since the Football Foundation was launched in 2000 by the FA, Premier League and Government, we have delivered over 13,500 grants across the country, worth over £519m. As well as ensuring that the facilities we invest in are technically sound and built in the right places, it is critical to understand how they are performing in terms of delivering on their expected outcomes.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that the grants we award are sustainable and successful in meeting their targets, we are committed to providing through-life support and routinely monitoring the sites that we have funded. The information contained in the following links shows the impact of this grant investment during the 2013/14 season across all schemes as well as highlighting areas in which there has been significant improvement year on year. One of our key aims is to ensure  that our grant giving process is as efficient and targeted as possible, to do so we are set a range of Strategic Performance Indicators by our funding partners, which you can review by selecting the relevant tile below.