funding has been invested into the Wessex League Premier Division club. This new funding follows previous grant for new floodlights and general stadium improvements and, in total, the club has now received £67,420 in grants from the FSIF. Club Chairman Steve Cripper was thrilled by the financial support, saying: “The Premier League’s investment here is fantastic proof of how they can improve the matchday experience for fans of non- league clubs up and down the country. Thanks to the FSIF, we have a stadium that we are hugely proud of, and the new clubhouse is an important part of this. It also gives us a chance to engage others within our community, enabling us to extend our fan-base locally.” FOCUS ON FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND 11 “ THIS IS NOW A BRILLIANT PLACE FOR US FANS AND THE WIDER COMMUNITY TO COME AND SOCIALISE. THANKS TO THE PREMIER LEAGUE.”