Chadderton FC – who ply their trade in the Hallmark Security League Division One at Step 6 of the English football pyramid – were awarded a grant of £28,796 from the Football Stadia Improvement Fund towards the refurbishment of their existing floodlighting system. The original lights were more than 35 years old, causing the club difficulty in maintaining sufficient light levels during matches. Thanks to the works, the club’s Ark Fleetech Stadium is now compliant with the necessary Category G requirements of the FA National Ground Grading Criteria. However, for Club President and supporter of over 70 years, Derek Glynn, the improvements mean a lot more: “To bigger clubs, introducing new floodlights might not seem like that big a deal. But for Chadderton, it could well be the difference between us being stuck in step 6 of the football pyramid or realising our ambitions as a club. We can now strive for promotion without any fears that our facilities may hold us back.” The FSIF’s investment at Chadderton also enabled the club to level and re-seed their playing surface as part of vital pitch improvement works. The Oldham club boast former England hero David Platt amongst their alumni, and Club Chairman Bob Sopel is hoping that more players can now follow in his footsteps: “The great thing about the upgraded floodlights is that it increases our capacity, not only to host evening matches, but also late-night training sessions for our younger players. This means that we can give them more time to work on their game, and who knows, we may even see some reach the heights of the Premier League in the not too distant future.” FOCUS ON FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND 12 “THE GREAT THING ABOUT THE UPGRADED FLOODLIGHTS IS THAT IT INCREASES OUR CAPACITY, NOT ONLY TO HOST EVENING MATCHES, BUT ALSO LATE-NIGHT TRAINING SESSIONS...” FLOODLIGHTING CHANCE TO SHINE FOR CHADDERTON FC