Step 7 club Staithes Athletic FC were able to revamp their changing pavilion thanks to a grant of £25,725 from the Premier League, via the FSIF. The funding has enabled Staithes AFC to refurbish and improve its existing changing provision for training and matchdays, meaning that both the first team and the club’s younger age groups will benefit from the facility. The remodelling project means that the pavilion now comprises: separate home and away changing facilities; two officials’ changing rooms; a versatile open area and two store rooms. FOCUS ON FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND 16 CHANGING PAVILION “NOW, EVERYONE CAN PREPARE AND COOL-OFF IN COMFORT, WHICH REALLY DOES MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.” TIMES ARE CHANGING FOR STAITHES ATHLETIC FC For Staithes AFC Manager, RichardWard, the new facility has been a revelation: “Previously, we had to share washing facilities with visiting teams when they came to play against us, and we couldn’t offer the officials anywhere to prepare for games as there was no room. “Now, both ourselves and our opposition can prepare and cool-off in comfort, which may seem like only a small part of our matchday, but it really does make a huge difference. The Premier League’s investment here has therefore been invaluable.”