FOCUS ON FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND 2 THE FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND ABOUT THE FSIF The Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) is a non-charitable arm of the Football Foundation group, using funding from the Premier League to support two key areas of the national game. The Football Stadia Improvement Fund awards grants to football clubs to help support various ground improvement works, including developing new stands, installing floodlighting systems, upgrading playing surfaces, as well as other projects that enhance the safety and comfort of supporters. The Stadia Improvement Fund (SIF), receives £5m per year from the Premier League, which is aimed at supporting professional and semi- professional football clubs from the English Football League (EFL) down to Step 7 ofThe FA National League System. These works are often done to enable clubs to satisfy FA Ground Grading criteria, helping to remove any potential barriers that would hinder their progress up the footballing pyramid. The FSIF directs £1.5m of funding towards the Premier League Fans Fund, awarding football clubs grants to help strengthen their relationship with supporters. This investment enables them to deliver initiatives that enhance community ties, improve fans’ engagement with their clubs, enhance fans’ experience of the game and increases accessibility to the sport. Importantly, the fund also provides critical core funding to football supporter organisations such as Kick it Out, the Football Supporters Federation, Supporters Direct and Level Playing Field. THE FSIF BOARD The FSIF Board consists of two representatives from the Premier League and one representative fromThe FA, who then appoint a Chairman. THE FSIF STADIA IMPROVEMENT PANEL Once assessment has been completed by the FSIF Grant Management Team, the FSIF Stadia Improvement Panel (SIP) is responsible for reviewing all applications for funding.The Panel ensures that criteria that has been approved by the FSIF Board have been satisfied. The SIP is able to award grants of up to £250,000 and makes recommendations to the FSIF Board with regard to applications above this level. The SIP consists of the following members: DAVID ROSE Chairman BOB KNOWLES Independent member ROSS CHRISTIE Premier League member MARK POVER The FA member JACK PEARCE The FA National League System member KEITH SEARS Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) member; non-voting THE PREMIER LEAGUE FANS FUND PANEL CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS: CARL CHEEVERS Independent Chairman WILLIAM BUSH Premier League member INDEPENDENT MEMBER (being recruited at time of publication) TOMMY GUTHRIE Premier League member JAMES MACDOUGALL The FA member PETER MCCORMICK OBE Chairman and Premier League representative RICHARD SCUDAMORE Premier League representative MARTIN GLENN The FA representative