FOCUS ON FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND 20 PREMIER LEAGUE FANS FUND Rotherham United FC, nicknamed The Millers, were awarded a £12,900 grant from the Premier League Fans Fund to open a brand-new Fan Zone at their NewYork Stadium. The pop-up site forms part of the club’s “Us toYou” project, which has seen Rotherham United Community Sports Trust aim to increase the involvement of local supporters who are usually under-represented. The Trust hope that the new Fan Zone, fit with a stage area for pre-match entertainment and other activities, will encourage new supporters to attend games – particularly female and BAME fans. Jon Conforth, who has supported Rotherham United for over 30 years, was delighted by the prospect of an increasingly diverse fan-base: “In all the years that I have been coming down to watch Rotherham, the club has always had a great relationship with supporters. “What is great to see now though, is that we have more and more fans from the local community coming along. I’m seeing new faces every week, and the Fan Zone has a lot to do with that because it offers some entertainment for fans outside of the activity on the pitch. It’s been a revelation!” For supporter, Emma Grant, the Fan Zone has proved pivotal: “Attending football was not something that I used to do very often, and when I did, there was certainly very little going on before kick-off. “With the supporter hub, I can now go and meet up with other like-minded people and make a lot more out of the day. The football is now far more than just the 90 minutes on the pitch. It’s a chance for me to meet some of my good friends and be proud of my local area.” ROTHERHAM FAN ZONE NO LONGER RUN-OF-THE-MILLERS “ THE FOOTBALL IS NOW FAR MORE THAN JUST THE 90 MINUTES ON THE PITCH.”