FOCUS ON FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND 21 The benefits of the Premier League Fans Fund are also being witnessed outside of the EFL, with Torquay United Supporters Trust (TUST) being another recipient of the Premier League’s investment. The Trust received a grant of £19,750 to help improve their community engagement work, enticing more local supporters groups through the gates of Torquay United FC’s Plainmoor Stadium. The Trust’s recent ‘reminisce’ workshops – aimed at re-engaging, elderly supporters – at the Loving Later Life event at Newton Abbot racecourse, for example, received such a positive response that a significant number of attendees returned to Plainmoor the following weekend.TUST are also helping to tackle barriers faced by local supporters, by providing logistical support to those struggling with issues of distance, lack of transport and disabilities to that ensure that they are still able to attend matches. Despite the project being in its relative infancy, the funding has already significantly enhanced the matchday experience for younger supporters. The new ‘speed goal’, in particular, has proved to be a success with young supporters given the chance to be presented with a certificate on the pitch at half-time if their shot is deemed the quickest by the in-built speedometer. Mike Thomas,Torquay United Supporters Trust Chairman, said:“We are delighted to have received this grant from the Premier League Fans Fund and will continue to use this funding to positively engage with those in the local area. “It’s relatively early days yet but we are very optimistic that our fan zones and outreach activities will raise the profile of the club, improve relations with the community and engender closer relationships and partnerships between TUST, the Community supporters trust and the club.The signs so far are extremely promising.” FANS FUND GRANT ENTICING MORE SUPPORTERS BACK TO PLAINMOOR “ WE’RE DELIGHTED TO RECEIVE THIS GRANT FROM THE PREMIER LEAGUE FANS FUND.”