FOCUS ON FOOTBALL STADIA IMPROVEMENT FUND 4 PETER MCCORMICK CHAIRMAN CHAIRMAN’S INTRODUCTION Welcome to the 2018 edition of FSIF Focus. Over the past 12 months the FSIF has continued to lead the way in making football grounds and stadia at all levels of the game safer and more comfortable for football supporters across the country. This annual review details the significant impact that the FSIF has made to clubs at the lower-levels of our national game, thanks to funding from the Premier League. This review details just some of the FSIF projects from across the country which have been supported over the past twelve months. But they are just a snapshot. It would be impossible to fit the full impact of the FSIF’s investment over the last 12 months into this one document. New stands, new changing rooms, improved playing surfaces, provision for disabled supporters and new sets of floodlights are just some of the ways in which the FSIF has helped clubs better their stadia. Through the FSIF, we support clubs from the bottom two divisions of the EFL, as far down as Step 7 of the National League, providing investment which will have a significant impact on the clubs and their supporters. This investment from the Premier League supports the competitiveness of the whole English football pyramid, from top to bottom. Without this funding, many clubs would not be able to satisfy essential FA Ground Grading criteria, which is designed to ensure that football clubs are able to ensure crowd safety, accessibility and enjoyment.We want to make sure that all football clubs are able to satisfy this criteria, so they are in the right standing when they achieve their hard-earned promotion. because they cannot afford the required stadia enhancements. I am especially proud of the fantastic work that the FSIF is doing to strengthen the bonds between supporters and their clubs through the Premier League Fans Fund, which you can read about on page 18. I hope you enjoy reading this review and seeing just some of the impact which has been made up and down the country in the past twelve months. PETER MCCORMICK “ I AM ESPECIALLY PROUD OF THE FANTASTIC WORK THAT THE FSIF IS DOING TO STRENGTHEN THE BONDS BETWEEN SUPPORTERS AND THEIR CLUBS THROUGH THE PREMIER LEAGUE FANS FUND.”