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Your governance

Your governance

In this section we ask you to provide details of the structure of your organisation including its management and financial arrangements.

If your organisation has been established for at least 12 months, please provide all of the requested information in this section.

If your organisation has been established for less than 12 months please provide as much information as possible but as a minimum you should provide three months worth of bank statements. If your organisation has been established for less than three months, please state this in the application form.

We will not release any grant funds until we receive details of the organisation’s bank account.

Structure of organisation

In this section we would like you to provide us with a brief overview of the management committee / steering group in charge of your organisation and the project. Please provide the following information: 

  • number of members
  • frequency of meetings
  • responsibilities of committee


If your organisation does not have a management committee/steering group please use this section to explain why not.

Constitution/Governing documents

We expect your organisation to have a Constitution or Governing document.

We also expect the Constitution or Governing document to contain a suitable dissolution clause. A dissolution clause is a statement that any remaining assets will be passed to another charitable body (often in the same area or doing similar things) and the method by which this will be done.

A dissolution clause is essential to ensure that individuals are not able to profit in the event of the dissolution of your group, and to ensure that small groups cannot make decisions about dissolving without the agreement of the majority of the membership.

Examples of constitutions and dissolution clauses can be found on the Charity Commission website at http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/publications/cc22.aspx

Or alternatively you should contact the County FA who have templates for Constitutions available.

Child protection policy

If your organisation works with young people under 18 we require you to have child protection policies and procedures in place before you apply. Please answer the question upload a copy of this document.

Please note if your organisation does not have child protection policies and procedures but you intend to work with young people under the age of 18, you must put them in place before you apply to us or your application will not be considered. 


We expect all organisations to have an equalities / diversity policy. Please answer the question upload a copy of this document.


Please provide the total income (money received) and total expenditure (money spent) for the last complete financial year for your organisation (this should include all teams/sections and cover all the accounts held by your organisation). For example:

Income (money received)


Expenditure (money spent)


Surplus / deficit 


What period does this cover?


1 April 2012 


31 March 2013

If your most recent accounts (all accounts) show a deficit (loss), please provide a brief explanation for this.    

Current unrestricted reserve 

Each year income is received and expenditure incurred resulting in a surplus or deficit. Year-on-year, this builds up as a reserve, which can be defined as:

  • Restricted: Money where the donor/funder has specified what it must be spent on.
  • Unrestricted: Uncommitted, general reserves available for any purpose.
  • Designated: Unrestricted money the Trustees have set aside for a particular purpose. 


Your unrestricted reserve is therefore money you have in the bank which is available to be spent for general purposes.

If your unrestricted reserve is greater than six months expenditure, please provide an explanation for this. For example:

Annual expenditure


Six months expenditure


Current unrestricted reserves  



Explanation - The organisation has total reserves of £850 but has put aside £500 towards new goalposts and therefore the actual level of unrestricted reserves is £350. 

Responsibility for finances 

There should be a named person within your organisation who is responsible for the management of finances and accounts. Please provide us with the contact details for this person and their role within the organisation. 

Subscription/Membership fees 

If you currently charge subscription or membership fees, or are planning to do so, please provide details of how much you charge. We encourage organisations to charge something for their activities to aid longer term sustainability and promote ownership of the activity with the participants. For example: £30 annual membership fee and £5 weekly player subscriptions. 

Bank account 

Please tell us if your organisation has a bank account. 

If yes, you will need to upload a recent bank statement for all the accounts you hold (this should include all teams/sections and cover all accounts held by your organisation). Please email gtg@footballfoundation.org.uk if you do not have an electronic copy of this document.

If no, you will be required to open a new bank account for the organisation if your application is successful.

Please note statutory organisations are not required to provide copies of governing documents, child protection and equalities policies. However, we would like to know what policies and procedures are followed and who the lead contact is for this area of work in your organisation.