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Your organisation

Your organisation

It is vital that these details are accurate, particularly with reference to the organisation’s contact numbers and address.

Type of organisation

Please tick the appropriate organisation type. If your organisation type is not listed please contact gtg@footballfoundation.org.uk.

Please provide the supporting documents as requested on the form. If the lead applicant is a local authority, please ensure that you provide this information for the partner club(s).

FA affiliation

If you are successful with your application, the Foundation will expect you to affiliate to The FA as a pre-condition of your grant. For details of how to affiliate, contact the appropriate County FA.

Please ensure that you fill in the correct County FA details, as this will determine which County FA comments on your application.

Contact details

Both a primary and secondary contact for your project must be identified. The primary contact will receive all correspondence relating to the application and will be the first point of contact for the Foundation. The secondary contact must be aware of the application and have a thorough working knowledge of your organisation and the project. 

If you are successful with your application both contacts will be notified via email. It is important these details are completed accurately.

The contact email address provided will be used for correspondence concerning your application.

It is the responsibility of the contacts to keep the Foundation informed of any major changes within the organisation throughout the course of the project. This is particularly important if you wish to change the contacts at any stage during the life of the grant.


It is essential that you are clear about your organisation's VAT position and you should get in contact with your local HMRC office at the earliest opportunity.


If at any time the cost of your project increases, we will not increase the grant, even if the extra costs were not expected. In particular, we will not increase our grant if you find out at a later date that you have to pay VAT.

Your VAT number must be stated if your organisation is VAT registered.

If the organisation is registered for VAT, all costs shown should be exclusive of VAT. If the organisation is not registered for VAT, this will be considered as part of the eligible project costs and must be detailed separately under ‘project costs’.

There may be exceptions to this depending on the type of project proposed; therefore, it is imperative that you consult with your local HMRC office much earlier on in the project development.